Praise for Heron’s Path

2nd_Edition_Herons_path_cover_WIP_01Alethea Eason’s newest book, Heron’s Path, has the grace of the river Talum that flows through its pages. Step into the world of Katy and her delicate sister Celeste where native ways are threatened by “civilization,” and the Old Ones haunt the forest with their longing to return to their true home. Will Celeste finally understand her wanderings and visions?  Will Katy and aged Olena keep her from the clutches of the evil wei-ni-la? Follow them “north to the true wilderness, dark with ancient trees, where the Nanchuti struggle to keep their sacred songs from vanishing.”  Enter into a magical world and be swept into adventure as the two sisters travel the Heron’s Path.

HERON’S PATH is a beautiful read. I was swept away by Alethea Eason’s rich and beautiful evocations of the natural world

-Bruce Coville, My Teacher is an Alien and Always October

 Alethea Eason is a master storyteller, weaving subtle lessons about relationships, self-identity, and ethnic tolerance into a story filled with intrigue and wonder. 

-Janet Muirhead Hill, Miranda and Starlight Series and other middle-grade novels

HERON’S PATH is the kind of fiction entire generations once grew up on when young people simply read wonderful, immortal literature that spoke to their hearts, and it wasn’t labeled YA, MG or adult.  HERON’S PATH is for the soul in us all–regardless of age–that needs to be reminded regularly that the universe is full of mystery, meaning, courage and love.

Bruce McAllister, The Village Sang to the Sea, A Memoir of Magic

Eason beautifully weaves new worlds together, forming an imaginary universe filled with its own very “real” history.

Anthea Carson, The Dark Lake

A supernatural conflict between good and evil.

-Mark Estren, Infodad

A beautiful tale of a girl finding her power, magically told.

Ashen Vaden,  Course of Mirrors

 This is a charming coming-of-age book in a magical setting.

-Candy Korman, The Candy’s Monsters series inspired by classic horror

 A new imagining of native myths offers a heartwarming tale of two sisters with different destinies.

-Michael Jung, Suite101

Reading Heron’s Path brought me close to my own source of spirituality. The writing feels true, mythic, and connected to the eternal.  Katy‘s discovery of her power and connection to the divine makes the reader yearn for the same

-Lesley Downey, Chaos Cave


9 thoughts on “Praise for Heron’s Path”

  1. I love to read nearly as much as I love to write. I read the sample on the Spectacle site and enjoyed it very much. I’ll be looking forward to hearing when it is available on Amazon and would love to read it! It sounds wonderful!

  2. How did you find my site. Wonder :) I feel at home here. Just read an excerpt of ‘Heron’s Path’ and love the writing. You provide the fitting image – words dripping slowly the way honey falls from a spoon. I look forward to order the story when it becomes available.

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